«Ab nach Graubünden» – the numbers

All the day ski passes and the four ski weekends have been awarded. But what do the numbers look like?

Between 17 February and 1 March 2020, beem sent multiple winners to the Grison Alps each day. The instant win game took place at Zurich Main Station, as well as at the SZU-Zurich, Zurich-Enge, Zurich-Hardbrücke, Zurich-Oerlikon, Zurich-Stadelhofen and Zurich-Wiedikon stations, with a total of 172 interactive posters. Mobile rectangles on 20min.ch, owned media (social media, blog on website) and earned media (press release in the advertising trade press) with the city of Zurich as their geo-focus were also used.

Via a collaboration with Graubünden Ferien, the four winter sports destinations Andermatt-Sedrun, Scuol, Savognin and Bivio each offered 33 day passes and a ski weekend as prizes.

The offer page for all four winter sports destinations was accessed 3,413 times. In total, 547 people played 1,520 times. 42.1% of them took part once, 39.9% took part twice or three times, and 18.0% took part more than three times. Most people accessed the game via the 20 Minuten app (77.6%), followed by the beem app (20.3%) and the Bluewin app (2.1%).

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