Discover beem (1/6) – competitions

As a business customer, you can integrate the interactive world of beem into your marketing campaigns in a variety of ways – for example, in the form of a competition.

Contests in which participants have to fill out a physical entry form and wait weeks for the prize draw still work. But participating in them isn’t really an experience. People are generally only motivated to participate by attractive prizes.

With beem, things are different. The complete digitalisation of the competition and the use of smartphones as a medium ensure that participation is a playful and exploratory experience. Participants have to find places where specific beems can be ‘caught’ by their smartphones and tapped on. In addition, participants are immediately informed if they have won a prize (instant win game).

Where and how you want to conduct your competition with beem is largely up to you. We have already launched a number of competitions in a wide range of places:

beem sets (almost) no boundaries as to location. You can also determine the type of competition you want (memory, random prize draw, etc.). Just get in contact with us. We can then work together to set up and implement your marketing campaign with beem.

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