Interactive TV advertising with beem

beem has expanded its areas of application in developing the first interactive TV ad in Switzerland.

In the finale of Der Bachelor and the episode ‘Nach der letzten Rose’, beem added an exciting new alternative to 3+’s cut-in and competition ads. With the help of Audio Content Recognition (ACR) technology, which beem uses to detect specific audio signals, TV viewers received context-based content delivered directly to their smartphones.

An acoustic pattern (or fingerprint) was created from Amorana and Oman Air’s ads and stored in beem. This allowed beem to recognise the corresponding audio signal. TV viewers who had the beem app open, or who had activated beem in the 20 Minuten or Bluewin apps, were shown a discreet notification indicating that additional content was available for this ad. Tapping on it took them directly to the Amorana online shop or the Oman Air booking platform. There, they could directly purchase or book the products shown in the ad.