Questions for... Christian Rufener

Marketing is his passion – and so it should be. Christian is Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at beem. Here are six questions to let you get to know him.

What did you do before joining beem?

I was Managing Director at the media agency Mediaschneider and was responsible for Swisscom as a client for almost eight years. beem was presented to me for the first time in August 2018. I found the project very exciting – and joined the team a few months later.

What is your role at beem?

I am responsible for marketing, communication and sales. In addition to building the brand, creating content for our owned media channels and implementing our own campaigns, I am the contact person for our ecosystem and for all clients in the advertising and non-advertising sectors. I am very lucky to be able to work with committed, motivated, fun people every day.

What do you like most about beem?

A lot! For example, the fact that I can help beem develop further. Or mobile applications such as the ‘Catch the Avatar’ campaign, during which players could interactively win tickets for Energy Air. I also often find the discussions with potential clients inspiring – the way we turn an idea into an initial or even a unique application. For example, the interactive 20 Minuten boxes last November or the current OOH poster for Graubünden Ferien.

Which company would you like to start a campaign with?

I don’t have a preference for any particular brand. All that matters is that the company is curious and has the courage to try out new technologies and creative use cases. And if FC Thun ever wants to get in touch with me…

What feature would you like to see at beem?

I would like to order a beer in the football stadium using beem and have it brought to my seat. Or to spontaneously buy a product in a shop window after closing time without having to tediously search for it in the online shop using my smartphone.

What have you found particularly fascinating in the digital world of late?

Last summer, when I was able to witness the first manned moon mission, Apollo 11, in real time here. Exactly 40 years later and at the same time of day, I followed elements such as the communication between the astronauts and the ground crew. It was a great experience!