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Is anything unclear? Read on for answers to our most frequently received questions about beem. If you would like to know more, please get in touch by email to

What is beem?

beem is an interactive platform that makes traditional communication campaigns (information or advertisements) clickable.

beem is integrated into third-party apps. It displays relevant content on the user’s smartphone based on signals sent as part of poster, TV or cinema campaigns.

It has plenty of uses beyond advertising. Museums, for instance, can use the technology to provide their visitors with further information about exhibition items, while sports events can broadcast live statistics with it.

What are the benefits of using beem?

beem connects the real world with the digital realm. It can take traditional campaigns such as poster adverts effortlessly to its users’ smartphones. Users just need to tap their phone to react to interesting offers, make a purchase, enter into a prize draw and so on. There is no need to log in.

What technology does beem use?

Depending on the purpose for which it is used, beem uses one of the following technologies:
Bluetooth: The beem signal (token) is transmitted via Bluetooth; beem recognises the signal and takes the user to the corresponding content.
Audio content recognition (ACR): First of all, a media source (e.g. a TV advert) creates and stores an audio fingerprint. If beem recognises the fingerprint, it takes the user to the corresponding content.

What options does beem offer?

Depending on the campaign in question, beem can display different types of interaction. The basic module includes a set of possibilities for interaction. Further ways of interacting, such as competitions, polls and direct purchases, can be booked as additional modules.

How can beem be integrated into a campaign?

For cinema and TV campaigns, beem first requires a stored audio fingerprint of the advert or show. In addition, the
communication channel is marked accordingly. The latter is also required for OOH adverts and objects.

What do I need to do to launch a campaign with beem?

After signing the contract with the marketer, beem will let you know the specifications that all communication media must adhere to in order to be displayed in the app.

How do customers know that my campaign has beem enabled?

All communication media that have beem enabled must be marked in accordance with beem’s requirements – this lets users see which media have beem enabled.

How long is the lead time?

Campaigns in beem must be booked at least three weeks before the start of the campaign.

Can I also launch mixed campaigns, i.e. with and without beem?

Yes, that’s possible. The communication media that have beem enabled must be marked accordingly. All others must be unmarked.

Whom do I have to contact if I want to book a campaign with beem?

beem can be booked as an add-on to traditional campaigns through the following marketers: APG|SGA for OOH
WerbeWeischer for cinema campaigns.
To book beem for TV campaigns, events or other purposes, please email

How much does a beem campaign cost?

The beem pricing model consists of setup fees and performance costs.
Performance costs:
– Click: CHF 1.20
– Lead: from CHF 2.50 (varies according to industry)

Bookings in Q1/2020
Guaranteed 100% introductory discount on setup fees and performance costs.

Booking and display/broadcast in Q2/2020
100% discount on setup fees; performance costs charged as normal (fixed cap available on request).

With which apps can beem be used? And what is their range?

beem can be used with the blue News and 20 Minuten apps, as well as with the beem app. will be available soon too.

Can I choose which apps to use for the campaign?

No. All apps with beem enabled are used for campaign interactions.

Which channels can be booked for beem campaigns?

You can book beem for over 1,800 posters (of which 239 are digital panels) in main and urban train stations in 19 cities, for interactive sponsorship packages for in-house productions such as “Der Bachelor” and “Bauer, ledig, sucht…” for CH Media, on all TV stations (and with all TV providers), and at all cinemas marketed by Weischer.Cinema Schweiz.