beem generates added value

Interacting with beem

There are many different ways to interact with beem, giving your content or campaign more digital appeal. The ‘content’, ‘lead’ and ‘coupon’ use cases are always included. Depending on the nature of your content, you can also use additional forms of interaction or even develop new application features with beem on request.

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Explanatory Videos


With a single click on their smartphone, users can access additional information as an enhanced service. The content is static.


  • Awareness campaigns
  • Information about exhibition pieces or artists
  • Product description
  • Detailed information, e.g. list of concert dates or ticket prices


Users request a quote and this generates a lead. The client can request the following information from users: title, first name, surname, email address, telephone number, postal address.


  • Registering for newsletters
  • Test drive booking


If a coupon is also provided, users receive it as an email. The coupon can be sent out as a PDF in various code formats (barcode, QR code, voucher code). The coupon and the lead can also be linked to each other.


  • Ticket voucher
  • Discount coupon

Other forms of interaction


Users are linked with an external URL (e.g. to additional information or an offer in the company’s online shop) – with or without generating a lead in beem.

Instant win

Users can participate directly in a competition via beem. Instant win prizes can be provided directly.

Direct purchases

With a single click, users can make a purchase directly in the beem marketplace. The entire payment process is completed via beem.


Users can share their opinions on issues from broadcasts or posters on the spot, and see the current voting result immediately.


Additional uses can be developed on request.