beem connects the real and digital worlds

beem delivers messages, information, offers, competitions and votes from the real world direct to users’ smartphones. These types of content are called beems. They allow users to interact with your content and your brand from all kinds of different places.

beem has been integrated into news apps and is also available as a native beem app.

beem works when a news app or the beem app is open.

beems are transmitted via Bluetooth or audio signals.

The beems are automatically broadcast in beem environments.

beem environments can be anywhere: poster sites, museums, sporting events, or even a mobile scavenger hunt.

beems can also be broadcast from TV or cinema adverts or individual TV shows.


beem provides innovative ways in order to connect real-world and online content.

beem makes the real world clickable and helps to achieve measurable targets.

beem’s performance-based media pricing model minimises investment risk for the client.

beem enables direct interaction, for example by allowing users to access further information, make purchases or participate in instant-win competitions.