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What is beem?

beem is an interactive platform. It connects the digital world with the real world. It allows you to bring exciting content straight from the real world to your smartphone. And you can do so without having to download anything or log in.

How does beem work?

An audio or Bluetooth signal is transmitted. These signals are then picked up by your smartphone. If you have activated beem yourself and are browsing in an app with beem enabled, a beem button or banner indicates whether there is a beem signal in the vicinity. Tap the button or banner to be forwarded to the beem platform, where you can see related content.

What benefits does beem offer me?

beem gives you a seamless, interactive experience by extending real-world objects on your smartphone. It couldn’t be easier. You can react to exciting content, get more information or find interesting offers with one tap, with no need to log in separately.

What technologies does beem use?

Depending on the purpose for which it is used, beem uses one of the following technologies:
Bluetooth: The beem signal (token) is transmitted via Bluetooth; beem recognises the signal and takes the user to the corresponding content.
Audio content recognition (ACR): First of all, a media source (e.g. a TV advert) creates and stores an audio fingerprint. If beem recognises the fingerprint, it takes the user to the corresponding content.

Which apps does beem work with?

You can use beem with the blue News and 20 Minuten apps as well as with the beem app. will be available soon too.

Which smartphones and tablets does beem work with?

beem works with any type of device and any OS version. The beem platform is accessed via third-party apps. This allows you to use beem through those apps.
You can also access it via the beem app itself, which is available for Android OS and iOS.

Which telecoms providers can I use beem with?

All you need to access beem is a smartphone or tablet; you can use it with any telecoms provider.

How much does beem cost?

beem is free.

Where can I download beem?

You can download all third-party apps and the beem app itself from the two app stores (Apple App Store and Google Play Store).

Where can I find beem in the apps?

You can find them as follows: a beem button is integrated into the upper-right navigation bar of the blue News app. In the 20 Minuten app, a beem banner is displayed in the content when a signal is received.

How do I log in?

You need to activate beem to use it. If you do not give your explicit consent (opt in), beem will remain deactivated. beem can be deactivated again by the user at any time.
There is no need to provide beem with any personal data: it can be used anonymously.

Can I store my credit card details in beem?

This function is currently not supported, but beem is working on it. Soon, you will be able to store your credit card details to make paying easier.

My smartphone can’t receive the beem signals. What should I do?

Ensure that you are using an app that supports beem and that you have given it the required permissions (beem is activated and has Bluetooth and microphone access).

How do I switch beem on and off?

beem is only used with your explicit consent. If you do not activate it, beem will not work. It is entirely up to you whether you wish to use beem. The app will only detect beem signals if you explicitly activate beem in your app (opt in). You can deactivate it again at any time.

Is it possible to deactivate beem completely?

If you do not explicitly activate it, beem does not start. After you activate beem (opt in), you can deactivate it again at any time.

To delete your beem account completely, email

What personal data is collected?

The only data collected is the data required to carry out a promotion:
• Title
• Surname, first name
• Address
• Email address
• Phone number
• Date of birth
• Username
• Password
• And any other information entered during registration or later

Can beem listen to me?

No, beem only picks up the specific acoustic fingerprint (beem audio pattern) of the audio signal – and only when the beem app or a partner app with beem enabled is open. No conversations or sounds are stored at any point. Even though beem can access your microphone, it cannot recognise voices – only the specific acoustic sound pattern of a previously defined audio signal. When beem matches the audio with the sound pattern being searched for, it only does so locally (on the user’s phone).

Why do I need to give beem access to my location in Android OS?

Android considers the receipt of beacon signals through Bluetooth a localised action. That is why the app needs location access in order to use Bluetooth.
However, beem cannot create movement profiles for individual users and does not analyse personal location data.

Does beem know where I am at any given time?

beem does not analyse individual users’ location data. beem only analyses which poster campaigns the user has interacted with and at which locations. Anonymous signal data is used for this purpose – the individual user’s location data is not accessed.