beem is fun

beem is intuitive to use and works largely automatically. You’ll see: interacting with the beems is simple.

You can see inspiring beem compatible content – at a concert, in a museum, on a poster, in a TV commercial or cinema ad, or during a TV show.

Open a news app that supports beem, or open the beem app.

Allow the app to access the microphone of your smartphone or activate Bluetooth so that you can receive beems.

beem will show you all the beems in your area.

You can then interact with the content by clicking.


beem allows you to discover new and surprising content all the time.

With beem, you can find out more about what interests you, take part in polls, shop, or enter competitions to win amazing prizes.

beem is free and extremely easy to use.

beem is wherever you are: on the move, at home, at a concert, at a football match or in the cinema.