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Questions for… Christian Rufener

Marketing is his passion – and so it should be. Christian is Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at beem. Here are six questions to let you get to know him.

Questions for… Ale Rausa

Ale is the CEO and the most senior MB member at beem. He knows the company like the back of his hand. Here are six questions to let you get to know him.

What is ACR and how does it work?

beem uses both Bluetooth wireless technology and ACR (Audio Content Recognition) to transmit its content. These are both established technologies that are implemented safely and conscientiously by beem.

Why beem? Because…

beem makes life more exciting – we’ll tell you why and how.

How does Bluetooth work?

Technologies such as Bluetooth are used to enable you to receive interesting beems on your smartphone. But what exactly is Bluetooth? Find out here.

Data protection at beem

We take data protection seriously. This means that beem gives you full control of what happens to your data at all times.

How to activate beem

beem enables you to interact with objects in your environment – but only if you let it. If you haven’t given it your express permission, it won’t disturb you.

Catch me!

beem can also be used on the go, making it possible to interact with people or moving objects.

beem is available in news apps

Good news: beem can now be found in the Bluewin and 20 Minuten apps!

How to use beem

With beem, you can connect the real world to the digital realm – on your smartphone.