How does Bluetooth work?

Bluetooth brings interesting beems to users’ smartphones. But what exactly is Bluetooth and how does it work with beem?

A smartphone can receive beems and show the user beem content via Bluetooth or audio signals using well-established technologies.

First off, Bluetooth is a standard feature on all smartphones. This technology is in constant use – such as when listening to music using wireless headphones for instance. Many users have Bluetooth switched on at all times.

Bluetooth was developed in the 1990s and is currently a technological standard. Bluetooth wireless technology sends signals or data between devices across short distances, for example, from smartphone to smartphone or from a beem-enabled poster spot to a smartphone.

beem uses Bluetooth to send a beem signal (token), never actual data. The signal is detected by the smartphone and converted by the beem app into exciting content. With beem, everything is completely secure and harmless.

For users to receive beems, they must enable Bluetooth and location permissions in the beem enabled news apps from 20 Minuten or Bluewin.

One last side note: do you know where the name Bluetooth actually comes from? The name “Bluetooth” was inspired by the king of the Vikings, Harald Bluetooth, who united enemy regions in Norway and Denmark in the 10th century.