How to become beem-enabled

Are you thinking about enhancing your communications with beem to open up a new dimension for recipients? Here’s how it works:

  • beem can be used with the following communication media: TV and cinema ads, posters, display windows, objects of any kind (that are capable of transmitting a Bluetooth beacon), people (with a mobile Bluetooth beacon).
  • Measures must be booked three weeks before the start of the campaign, so that we can clarify with you in detail which elements are needed.
  • beem-enabled communication media must be marked as such, so that recipients are aware they can interact.
  • And that’s it! Your communications will then be beem-enabled, in whole or in part, and can be enhanced with digital interaction opportunities.


To book beem for TV campaigns, events or other purposes, please contact


Prices are either fixed or performance-based. More detailed information can be found in the current product factsheet.

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