Interactive posters with beem

Posters that interact with people via their smartphones: what previously belonged to the realm of technological fantasy is now a part of reality thanks to beem.

The world of technology never ceases to amaze us. beem is one example of such technology. The interactive platform connects the analogue and digital worlds and brings companies together with (potential) customers – for example at poster sites.

If you advertise a product from your range on a poster, you can offer this product for sale directly in your own online shop with just a few clicks to anyone who sees the poster and has activated beem on their smartphone. Other possibilities include people receiving additional information via posters, different messages being broadcast over the course of a day, or people taking part in interactive competitions with instant prizes. One such competition, a cooperation between beem and Graubünden Ferien, recently took place at train stations in the city of Zurich.

beem used Bluetooth technology for this. beem enabled poster sites are equipped with a transmitter that sends out radio signals. When people approach a poster site, their smartphones receive the signals in the relevant apps via Bluetooth. beem then displays the corresponding offer, competition, etc. You can find out exactly how Bluetooth works here.