Questions for... Bruno Bonello

As Chief Operating Officer (COO) of beem, Bruno holds the reins of the operational business in his hands. Here are six questions to let you get to know him.

What did you do before joining beem?

I was Programme Manager of TWINT at SIX Payment Services and was responsible for the development and distribution of mobile payment solutions. Before that, I was Product Manager for debit and credit cards in Switzerland and Austria, advising banks on the design of their products.

What is your role at beem?

I am responsible for the operational management of beem. I lead, manage and organise all operational processes and ensure that their quality is guaranteed at all times. The focus is on our customers. They expect smooth operation and creative and innovative implementation.

What do you like most about beem?

The fact that beem combines two product worlds. Take poster advertising as an example: with beem, the poster becomes interactive. beem connects the real world with the digital world and creates added value without being disruptive. The use of new and existing technologies opens up completely new perspectives and allows us to create new ideas and implement them with our customers.

Which company would you like to start a campaign with?

I don’t have any particular preference. For me, it’s much more important that beem becomes a standard for interactivity in the industry in the medium term, and that it becomes impossible to imagine a marketing campaign without it.

What feature would you like to see at beem?

We have laid an important foundation stone for beem with the first interactive commercials on television. It would be great if, in the future, you could vote live on a show with beem, interacting directly with it. With just a tap of the finger.

What have you found particularly fascinating in the digital world of late?

I am fascinated by the large number of innovative implementations that we hear about every day. Digitalisation has long since become a decisive differentiating factor on the market. Many companies have recognised this and have set up their own innovation departments. I am always surprised by how highly motivated the employees in these areas are. Creating new things and following creative paths seems to activate a happiness hormone.