This is beem

beem delivers messages, information, offers, competitions and votes from the real world straight to users’ smartphones. It allows users to interact with your content and your brand from all kinds of different places. beem offers you:

  • Flexible booking at least three weeks before the start of your campaign.
  • beem can be used with the following communication media: TV and cinema ads, posters, display windows, objects of any kind (that are capable of transmitting a Bluetooth beacon), people (with a mobile Bluetooth beacon).
  • Your communication media is marked with the beem logo, so that recipients know they can interact.
  • beem users can take part in votes and competitions, find additional information, receive vouchers or make purchases.
  • The information is sent to recipients’ smartphones via the Bluewin and 20 Minuten news apps. If a recipient doesn’t have these apps, they can use the standalone beem app.
  • Bluetooth (objects/posters/OOH) and/or ACR (audio content recognition, for TV and cinema) are the technologies behind it. In addition, an audio fingerprint of your ad is created.
  • Prices are either fixed or performance-based.


To book beem for TV campaigns, events or other purposes, please contact

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