Data protection at beem

We take data protection seriously. This means that beem gives you full control of what happens to your data at all times. Here is an overview of the most important points:

  1. beem won’t show you anything if you haven’t activated it.
  2. If you have activated beem, you’ll only be notified of interaction opportunities in your environment. beem will only open if you click on the message (beem button or beem banner).
  3. In order to interact, you must allow access to Bluetooth and/or the microphone.
  4. Permission to access the microphone is given to third-party apps directly. The providers of these apps have made a commitment to beem that they will only use this access for the intended purpose, and that they will expressly make the user aware if they wish to use it for anything else.
  5. Even though beem can access your microphone, it cannot recognise voices – only the specific acoustic sound pattern of a pre-defined audio signal. No data is sent to external servers for this purpose – the recognition takes place directly on your device.
  6. Personal data such as your name and email address are only collected if absolutely necessary – to send you a competition prize, for instance.
  7. If personal data is shared with the advertiser (and no one else), you will be asked for your express consent – every time.
  8. You can deactivate beem at any time.
  9. beem will permanently delete all of your account data if you request it to do so.