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Tutte le novità e le informazioni aggiuntive relative a beem riassunte per lei.

A statement from Dominique Zingg, Head of Content Studio, Feldschlösschen Getränke AG

Together with beem, Feldschlösschen Getränke AG launched its first interactive TV campaign. Viewers were able to interact with 107 Feldschlösschen 1876 spots on their smartphones for 17 days.

Questions for… Bruno Bonello

As Chief Operating Officer (COO) of beem, Bruno holds the reins of the operational business in his hands. Here are six questions to let you get to know him.

Feldschlösschen 1876 – the figures for the interactive TV campaign

Interactive TV spots offer added value for television audiences and companies. This is demonstrated by the evaluation of the Feldschlösschen campaign with beem.

A statement from Marc Held, Experience Marketing team, Graubünden Ferien

Another satisfied beem customer: Marc Held from the Experience Marketing team at Graubünden Ferien had a lot of fun with the interactive out-of-home campaign in Zurich. And so did we!

Questions for… Luca Martignoni

beem is Luca’s baby. As Product Owner, he’s responsible for ensuring that it develops optimally. Here are six questions to let you get to know him.

«Ab nach Graubünden» – the numbers

All the day ski passes and the four ski weekends have been awarded. But what do the numbers look like?

A statement from Daniel Marti, Head of Marketing at BSC Young Boys

Another satisfied beem customer: Daniel Marti, Head of Marketing at BSC Young Boys, had a lot of fun with the interactive campaign in the YB tram. And so did we!

Interactive posters with beem

Posters that interact with people via their smartphones: what previously belonged to the realm of technological fantasy is now a part of reality thanks to beem.

Discover beem (1/6) – competitions

As a business customer, you can integrate the interactive world of beem into your marketing campaigns in a variety of ways – for example, in the form of a competition.

Questions for… Christian Rufener

Marketing is his passion – and so it should be. Christian is Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at beem. Here are six questions to let you get to know him.

Questions for… Ale Rausa

Ale is the CEO and the most senior MB member at beem. He knows the company like the back of his hand. Here are six questions to let you get to know him.

The cinema campaign in figures

The first beem cinema campaign is finished. It took place throughout German-speaking Switzerland. But was it successful? We have the figures.

Interactive TV advertising with beem

beem has expanded its areas of application in developing the first interactive TV ad in Switzerland.

Design your own interactive campaign

The interactive world of beem is just as exciting for business customers as it is for users. Together with beem, you can develop your own individual applications for the service.

Communications with beem

beem connects the real world with the digital realm – in museums, in interactive shop windows, on posters, in the cinema or in front of the TV.

How does Bluetooth work?

Bluetooth brings interesting beems to users’ smartphones. But what exactly is Bluetooth and how does it work with beem?

How to become beem-enabled

Are you thinking about enhancing your communications with beem to open up a new dimension for recipients?

Catch me!

beem can also be used on the go, making it possible to interact with people or moving objects.

beem is available in news apps

Good news: beem is now integrated into the Bluewin and 20 Minuten apps!

This is beem

beem delivers messages, information, offers, competitions and votes from the real world straight to users’ smartphones.